'FBI Caused Special Sufferings in the OKC Bombing Case'

Personal Research and Interviews by the Author ^ | September 2, 2002 | Patrick B. Briley

Copyright 2002 by Patrick B. Briley

Sargeant Don Browning, a K9 unit police officer for OKC found many living and dead out of the Murrah rubble. Browning had the courage to testify before the OK County Grand Jury and stand up for another police officer, Terry Yeaky, who was murdered but the FBI and police chief called it suicide.

Yet no autopsy was done on Yeakey and his wounds according to a coroners report were consistent with murder. Browning complained strongly that the autopsy should have been done and that the OKC police chief Gonzales and the FBI had covered up the circumstances of Yeakeys death.

Browning told me and others that the Police chaplain had betrayed the confidences (pretending to offer help but really trying to learn where to plug up the holes in the coverup) of many like Yeakey who had sought help but also complained of FBI agents being outside who had advanced knowledge when the bomb went off.

Yeakey had pulled ten men out of the building (four lived) and was the first oficer at the scene. The FBI and the police tried to spread a lie that Yeakey was unstable and had marriage problems to counter Yeakeys attempts to get the FBI and police chief in trouble for not trying to stop the bombing in advance. I challenged one of the men spreading these false stories (who said Yeaky was "weak" and coluld not cope) about Yeakey and told him that if Yeakey really had emotional problems before the bombing (and after) then why did not members of the police chiefs office get Yeakey help (they did not try to get him help because he complained too much to them about what they did wrong).

Yeakey even was pounding the desk and yelling at the OKC Councilman Mark Schwartz shortly before Yeakey was found murdered. Yeakey was demanding answers from Schwartz about the members of the City councuil, the Governor, the fire chief, the police chief and the FBI who had advance warning and met about the warning on Monday before the bombing.

Schwartz was rewarded by Clinton who gave Schwartz a cushy job at DOE legal department in DC in Dec 1998 (to help cover up Chinagate) even though Schwartz had no previous energy legal experience. And Chief Gonzales was rewarded for his part in covering up Yeakey’s death by being made head of Project Meggiddio and a liaison between the FBI and police departments around the country (federalization of police departments).

Then There was the murder (curator of the OKC bomb museum was a close friend who says it was murder)in 1997 of Assistant Federal US Attorney (OKC) TEd Richardson who had been investigating Samir Khalil before the OKC bombing.

Khalil was the employer of the Iraqi suspect Hussaini and still is the local Hamas leader who squired Khalid Mohammed(mastermind of 9/11, 1993 WTC and OKLC bombings) around OKC while being protected by the FBI. Richardson was found with a gunshot wound to his chest near Khalis's home. ANd the DOJ took Richardson off the Khalil investigation days after the OKC bombing even though Richardson was preparing to submit evidence to a Grand Jury on Khalils HUD property scams and tax evasion schemes to reaise money to finance Hamas.

Richardson was found dead less than a month after Melvin Beall had visited and complained to Richardson for the fourth time about the OKC bombing. Beall was a 26 year veteran of the OKC PD who talked to and gave directions along with three other OG&E employees to McVeigh, Fortier, McVeigh’s sister and Fortier's wife, on April 1995. Beall complained that the FBI and later the County grand jury covered up and ignored his and the employees testimony.

Leah Moore was badly injured by the bombing. She had many surgeries, She was in the Federal witness protection program and had several small children, The FBI threatened and traumatized her because they did not want her not to talk to reporters with the LA Times shortly after the bombing. The FBI wanted to keep her silent about photos she had taken of the Ryder truck and the Brown Chevy truck (get away vehicle driven by FBI protected informant and provocateur AL Hussaini). The FBI was not concerned about Leah Moore's emotional or physical state, they made it worse to protect themselves.

Army recruiter LArry MArtin committed suicide by flying his plane into the ground near his church. MArtin was injured in the OKC bombing. He had tried to start his life over by becoming a teacher. But the burden of knowing his fellow recruiters like Arlene Blanchard had been threatened by the FBI 74 hours afer the bombing was too much for him to bear. The recruiters were threatened not to talk about the John Doe they had seen McVeigh with in the Murrah building. Like in the death of officer Yeakey, the FBI proclaimed that Martin had emotional problems with his girlfriend and was too "weak " to cope (they got him no help either).

The FBI and police Chief did not get help for people who complained about corruption relating to the bombing. They left them to twist emotionally in the wind since they were not "team" players in the coverup.

And let us not forget about the FBI agents who brow beat and traumatized (for six months) the witnesses at the Travelers aid to try to intimidate them into changing or forgetting their stories of seeing three John DOE FBI informants with McVeigh's car. The FBI did not get these witnesses any help. The FBI added to the witnesses suffering like they did with Leah Moore to protect the FBI.

And how about snack shop owner Danny Wilkerson who was dying of lung cancer. The FBI hounded him and tried to trick him (showed him false Ryder truck brochures)to change his story of seeing a John Doe in the Ryder truck a few minutes before the bombing. But have no fear, a wonderful (?), all caring (?)County DA attorney was dispatched to "twist" Wilkerson’s story way from the truth for the County grand Jury while Wilkerson was on his death bed.

The FBI, OKC Police Chief, governor, County DA's office, were all cruel to the victims and witnesses to the OKC bombing if they did not join the coverup "team."

I want justice for these people. We already have justice for McVeigh and Nichols. Now I want accountability and restitution from ME men and any US government men who terrorized these victims and witnesses by not stopping the bombing (when they could have) and by threatening them to keep them silent for all these years.

The wife of Governor Keating’s OK State Trooper body guard recently told me and my wife that We should stay out of this and let God handle it in the after life because FBI is too big and powerful The wife told me and my wife that the FBI ordered FBI agents' wives to lie about what they had told my wife about FBI foreknowledge and being tipped on the morning of the OKC bombing. My wife has suffered at the hands of FBI threats since 1995. The trooper wife reminded us that the FBI file on us would follow us wherever we moved. But she said she was very sorry for what she said she knew my wife had been put through. She asked us to understand that the FBI wives were like their husbands, just following orders (the Nuremberg defense). The troopers wife's misguided and warped compassion (?) sounded more like FBI threats.

A reporter close to the FBI (Mike Carpenter of KWTV News in OKC) told me once that I had better be concerned because I had "pissed Off" the FBI by my complaints over my wife's mistreatment by the FBI. My response was to ask the reporter to report back to the FBI and tell the FBI that the FBI had pissed me off and made My Father who Art in Heaven angry.

It takes a lot to get God angry. FBI, it is a fearful thing to have God angry with you. It takes a lot of good to overcome a little evil. It takes more good than what the FBI has got left to overcome their monstrous evils and connivance in the OKC , 9/11, and 1993 WTC attacks.

The state trooper's wife like the FBI are sadly mistaken that they think they have the luxury of having all this sorted out by God in the after life rather than while they are still alive.

"Vengeance is mine says the Lord." " God says in the Bible that HE will avenge widows, widowers and orphans in this life who are called by His name. And God has said He will judge nations in this life and not in the after life.

And a chaplain who betrays suffering people has an extra accounting to be made with God.

Copyright 2002 by Patrick B. Briley

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